50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule Over Cancelled Show: “Only 10 Tickets Sold”

50 Cent rips Ja Rule to pieces over his canceled NY show, savagely reenacts apology video: 'Only 10 tickets sold.'

has reignited his feud with longtime rival by trolling him on Instagram.

The Hop Hop veteran went to Instagram Saturday (September 22) initially with footage of Ja Rule apologizing to Syracuse, New York fans for having a show canceled, and a harsh caption.

“👀only 10 tickets sold don’t nobody want to see that shit, you talking about wait we get a lot a people on the walk up. Get the fuck outta here 🤨get the strap,” 50 Cent wrote.

The “Wanksta” rapper then proceeded to clown Ja by reenacting the clip.

“We lit 🔥3Arena in Dublin tonight 😆🤨get the strap,” 50 Cent captioned the second video of himself, reenacting Ja Rule.

Ja Rule opened his Drink Champs podcast appearance with a surprising level of nonchalance towards his old foe, 50 Cent. He explained that he simply outgrew their rivalry. 

“We’re two kids from fucking Queens, from the bottom, we started with nothing,” said Rule.

“We made something of ourselves, and we’re both in good positions in our lives.”

That being said, 50 Cent has to agree to a truce before anything comes to pass, and by the looks of it, he’s not willing to ease up.

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