Designer and producer Romeich Major is fuming, following a Instagram video posted by Dancehall artiste Aidonia, in which the entertainer burns 'Run Road' T-shirts that were designed by Romeich.

Aidonia Debuts One Voice T-Shirts, Burns Romeich 'Run Road' T-Shirts -

Designer and producer is fuming, following a Instagram video posted by artiste , in which the entertainer burns ‘Run Road’ T-shirts that were designed by Romeich two years ago.

This new issue came to the fore Monday morning, when Aidonia posted a video on his Instagram page with some shirts being burnt.

The shirts were supposedly his ‘Run Road’ T-shirts that were designed by Romeich. At the end of the short video, Aidonia can be seen wearing a shirt that says ‘IV One Voice’.

Romeich said the video took him by surprise.

“Mi wake up and see this video and see dem a burn ‘rubbish wear’. You can’t do dem negative thing deh. If yuh nuh want it, give it to some homeless people so dem can wear it,” said Romeich, owner of clothing line Romeich Wear.

“The last time I see him was at a party and him hail me and me hail him – about seven weeks ago. This came out of the blues. It is so disrespectful that even him own fans a bun him out for it. Him tek down the video now so him know him do sup’m wrong.”

He explained that he came up with the idea for the ‘Run Road’ T-shirts and even designed them.

“Run Road line did so much for him. A me design it and invest my money. The clothing line was my idea and my design and dem not even pay mi for all of it,” Romeich told THE STAR.

Aidonia Diss designer Romeich Over Masicka -

Romeich further explained that the only possible place all of this could be coming from is his connection with Masicka, who has voiced songs dissing Aidonia in the past.

“The only reason mi can see all of this is based off is Masicka,” he said.

Romeich stressed that Aidonia does not need to stoop to this level in order to promote his new T-shirt line. And, he was most upset that Aidonia would refer to the shirts as ‘Rubbish Wear’.

“Him a seh everybody a wear rubbish?,” Romeich questioned, pointing to his numerous corporate clients.

Aidonia Diss producer Romeich Over Masicka -

He said he did Sumfest shirts for companies like Summerfest Productions, Digicel, Royalton, Innovative Signs, Gleaner and Craven A, as well as outfits for artistes Gage and Kalado.

Under the Romeich Entertainment brand, he said he had promotional girls at the event representing numerous companies.

“Mi brand still a gwaan good. Dem just need fi be positive and move forward. If you a promote your brand, promote it; you don’t need to demean a next brand,” Romeich said.

Nonetheless, he said this latest incident will push him to work even harder.

“It just a mek mi grow and do better. If you look pon all a him fliers, a my clothes him a wear. I don’t lose from not having him as a customer, ’cause he is not a well-paying customer. Him nah do nutten for me,” Romeich said.

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