Aidonia's entourage was involved in a car accident on while traveling to a football match in Montego Bay, leaving his videographer ‘Peakstate’ dead.

artiste ’s entourage was involved in a serious car accident on Tuesday morning (April 12).

Members of Aidonia’s 4th Generation camp are today mourning the loss of one of its own as the artiste’s official videographer, Lamar Doukie otherwise known as Peakstate has been confirmed dead.

Doukie died as a result of injuries he sustained in the car accident as he accompanied entertainer Aidonia to a football match in Montego Bay.

23-year-old videographer was with five passengers in a seven-seater Toyota Isis vehicle. One of its tyres blew, causing it to overturn in a ditch along the Braco main road.

Doukie and another member of Aidonia’s promotional team, Ricardo Dryden, were taken to Falmouth Hospital, where Doukie died.

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Aidonia’s publicist, Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small told media reporters that Aidonia is still very shaken up over the incident and has been taking Doukie’s death really hard and is currently in talks with organizers of his upcoming European tour on how best to move forward with his schedule in light of the recent happenings.

“Aidonia was travelling in a separate vehicle and was about 20 minutes ahead of his team when the accident happened. He returned to the scene of the accident to assist and that’s where he got first-hand knowledge of what really took place,” Small told media reporters.

“This was someone that was extremely close to him and he’s so shaken up thinking about how they were on their way to the match to have fun and within a moment’s notice tragedy struck,” he said.

“He was supposed to go on an European tour at the end of this month but he’s now in talks with the organizers trying to work out the best move going forward,” Shadow added.

“We are very shaken up by the accident, the whole 4th generation family. Doukie was like a family member, he resided with us and everything. The second person is in serious condition and is still at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Mobay,” Lav, Aidonia’s brother, said.

“I just wanna extend our deepest condolences to the family of lamar as he was like a brother to use and the entire 4th generation family is in great pain and grief at this moment,” Lav said. 

Doukie had been working on several projects for Aidonia and the other members of the camp. He just shot a video for Aidonia and a European artiste called Chucky Serious. He also did a viral video for Aidonia plus official videos for Tanso, Jayds and Nicko Blast.

Aidonia is scheduled to start a European tour this month, but Doukie’s death has put it in doubt.

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