A rep from Dancehall artist Aidonia's camp confirmed with Hype Life Magazine, that the gay rumor is false. Exclusive details inside!

artist is not gay, despite rumors following a photo shared on the deejay’s Instagram with his son and another male, a representative for the Jamaican entertainer informed Hype Life Magazine.

Last week, Aidonia, whose real name is Sheldon Lawrence, posted a photo of himself along with his son and his brother.

Aidonia wishes Brother Fulla Happy Birthday

The photo, which is not even suggestive in any form, somehow left some social media users deluged with obscene assumptions.

A rep for the artist told Hype Life Magazine, exclusively, that the chattering is just a false rumor emerging from haters.

“Let them talk the rubbish they want.

The rumor is obviously false. That man in the picture is Aidonia’s biological brother, and both of them are straight like an arrow. In fact, his brother Fulla is a married man,” said the rep.

“What is gay about posting a picture of you and your brother, wishing him a blessed earthstrong?” the rep asked.

The rep also revealed that the deejay is focused on his music career and family.

“Aidonia has no time for foolishness. He is fully focused on his music career and family,” the rep concluded.

Another source close to the deejay also explained that this is not the first time haters target Aidonia with a homosexual approach.

“In 2012, somebody created a false Twitter account about Aidonia and a write up a bag a tings bout the deejay. Them photoshop the artiste wid some gay porno magazine inna him hand and also tweeted to persons about what he likes to be done to his rear. Them things here a straight fuckery and them can just stop with the false rumors now,” the source told Hype Life Magazine.

Aidonia became active in early 2004, and has released albums on the record labels, VP Records and Jag One Productions.

He was approached by Cordell “Skatta”‘ Burrell who invited him to record at his studio. Two months later, Aidonia had his first hit, the song “Lolly” which was done on Skatta’s Irish Dance riddim.

In October 2005, “Lolly” was included on VP Records’ annual Strictly The Best (Volume 33) compilation.

Aidonia has also released in the mixtape “Bolt Action”, in collaboration with Federation Sound, Equiknoxx Music/Gerusalem Music and Business Class. The mixtape utilizes classic hip-hop instrumentals with Aidonia’s lyrical melodies overlaying and features artistes Chino, Lil Joe and fellow JOP label-mate, Deablo.

In 2013 he welcomed a baby boy from fiance Kimberly Megan. In addition, Aidonia continues to work hard in the music industry and is leaving an indelible mark.

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