Dancehall deejay Alkaline was allegedly beaten to a pulp in Montego Bay. Alkaline trashes rumors!

Alkaline Brutally Beaten In Montego Bay Jamaica

deejay was allegedly beaten to a pulp in Montego Bay. However, trashed the rumors!

Alkaline has made headlines over a rumored brawl in Montego Bay recently that took place after performing at a show.

Reports circulating on social media claims that the deejay disrespected a veteran deejay who performed before him.

He felt the deejay performed over his time and got angry and threatened to leave the show without performing.

After the show he was reportedly attacked by a group of men aligned to the veteran deejay and beaten to a pulp.

Nevertheless, Alkaline took it to his Facebook the trash the reports as fake.

“Why mi hear some likkle fool a spread rumour say alka get beat uno a ediat?? Only beat me know bout a bomboclaat boomboxx weh a fuk up every chart it reach No boy cya even go as far as say supmn weh mi nuh like and him nuh get flatten inna di street muchless fi beat kmt dem mussi a sleep” – Alkaline via Facebook.

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