Alkaline prepares to perform in Jamaica for the first time.

artiste is set to perform for the first time for fans in his homeland since 2014.

The “Badness It Name” deejay headlines an event dubbed “New Rules,” presented by Brownstone Entertainment and New Era Promotions in Kingston, Jamaica on Saturday, March 25 after a two-year hiatus from the island.

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Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, recently made the announcement on social media sending his fans into a frenzy.

“Mhm,” he captioned the poster for the event on Instagram.

Alkaline to Perform At New Rules In Kingston, Jamaica 2017

Hits by Alkaline including “Champion Boy,” “Move Mountains,” “Block and Delete,” “Spoil,” “City” and his recent track “Microwave” will be performed on the show, his manager confirmed.

This comes after Dancehall veteran alleged that Alkaline made disparaging remarks regarding not performing for a local audience. Deejay Beanie Man took issue with the statement and thus commenced the verbal warfare.

“Mi just want yu to know ah dat him say outta him mouth and oonu same one ah say ‘whoi’, mi just wan oonu know, people mi a one of the dutty Jamaican who like come a Jamaica fi perform fi the dutty people dem. Oonu like me?” he said, during a live performance at a New Years event in Jamaica.

Despite the release of recorded material, his Jamaican fans have noted Alkaline’s absence from the local stage show and live performance scene. It was rumored that he would headline Sting, but that never materialized two years ago. His set at 2014 was an arguably disappointing performance.

Alkaline burst onto the scene in 2013 and was controversial from the onset. He then claimed to have tattooed his eyes, it later proved to be contact lenses.

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