Alkaline is celebrating after a massive turnout at his first event in Jamaica in 3 years.

saw a massive turnout at Magnum’s New Rules Concert at the National Stadium car park in Kingston on Saturday, March 25.

After a three-year absence from a local stage, the “Champion Boy” deejay reportedly pulled over twenty thousand patrons to the concert, proving he indeed has the key to the city.

Alkaline delivered hits from his catalog, old and new, to eager fans who sang along word for word, as the “Extra Lesson” deejay brought the curtains down on a night filled with excitement.

Alkaline’s “Champion Boy” producer, Dj Sunshine, is expressing joy at the huge turnout of the event.

Dj Sunshine, who co-hosted the event with TV media personality Yanique Barrett, told reporters that the show’s success is testimony that hard work and dedication pay off.

“It was a phenomenal show, I expected it to be huge, but not that big, so much so that people were even on the stage. I had to stop and allow the moment to soak in before I spoke onstage. It goes to show that no matter how people fight you, the bigger you can become. I am proud of him because through everything, he has remained focused, and for his age, I am very proud of him,” she said.

The producer also revealed that she was too busy appreciating the positives to notice the negative coverage that followed in the media.

“I didn’t see most of the coverage. I was not really interested in that … I saw what I saw, and it was all positive. For an artiste to be able to draw such a crowd, a young act, at that, to me, is the bigger story. At end of the day, no matter what you do, people will always find something negative to say” she said.

Performances got started with Jahmeil, who lit up the stage with a multitude of hits from his catalog.

Then came superstar , followed by I-Octane, Tarrus Riley and , all delivering thrilling sets.

The customary juggling between performances was provided by Coppershot, Rebel T, DJ Banka and Team Shella. This, to the amusement of many patrons, was skilfully crafted, as no songs from Gaza affiliated artistes were played.

The Vendetta/Gullyside influence reigned over the event and the union was echoed by the head honchos Mavado and Alkaline.

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