Alkaline is not in Vybz Kartel's class, according to Dancehall artist Spice.

is the latest artist to weigh in on the  and rivalry.

The Dancehall artist took time during one of her recent performances to chime in saying that Alkaline is not in Vybz Kartel’s class.

“In a dancehall everybody want to be the boss. Talk what me feel this is try not my fault. Alkaline no reach in the Teacha class,” Spice deejay as the crowd erupts.

“Free worl’ boss,” she added.

The video was posted on Vybz Kartel’s Instagram account with the caption:

“Muma say #FreeWorlBoss #2017 #GAZANATION Jah know muma u thick ee!”

Spice has collaborated with Vybz Kartel on two hit songs, “Ramping Shop” and “Conjugal Visit.”

Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving a life sentence for murder, was recently nominated for 7 Youth View Awards and Alkaline was nominated for 10.

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