Alkaline strategically studied and copied Vybz Kartel's artistry, former manager reveals all.

artist has examined and practiced ’s artistry, his former manager Dwayne Cahban uncovered in an unexpected reveal.

Cahban has finally opened up that he and his team at Cahban Records strategically studied and copied Kartel’s artistry for the “Formula” deejay.

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Cahban, who plays with the Ruff Kutt band and was also a teacher at Alkaline’s former school, Ardenne High told media reporters that they studied Kartel’s formula with the intention of trumping his dominance.

“I met Alkaline while being a teacher at Ardenne High in 2011. He was introduced to me by a female student as the most talented artiste in the school. We started doing some work together, I introduced him to Steve Locke from Truck Back, who thought very little of his talent,” Cahban told the Jamaica STAR.

“Next, we met with Clive Hunt, who recorded a song that was never released. One of the biggest blunders was a performance at the half-time break of the Ity and Fancy Cat show, where he was laughed at by the audience for his high squeaky voice. With all the failures along the way, he kept going with the support of my small team,” he added.

Alkaline Studies And Copies Vybz Kartel 2017

Following Alkaline’s rise to fame, the “City” deejay severed ties with Cahban Records and moved on to recruit his sisters for management.

Cahban also disclosed that he and Alkaline strategically copied Vybz Kartel in an attempt to tap into his core audience.

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