Alkaline strategically studied and copied Vybz Kartel's artistry, former manager reveals all.

“We planned in 2012 and executed in 2013. The aim was to outdo ,” Cahban revealed.

“He () won’t say it, which is good business practice, but it’s a fact. He was so hell-bent on outdoing Vybz Kartel that he literally knows the lyrics to every song. He watched every single interview and befriend every associate he could salvage information out of about Kartel’s lifestyle and how he got things done,” he explained, indicating that ’s decision to work with Kartel’s producers Notnice and Miller Nine was no coincidence.

Dancehall Artist Alkaline Copies Vybz Kartel 2017

He also said the fake eye-tattoo and other shock-value techniques were deliberately employed to give Jamaicans something to talk about.

“Once you get certain people to discuss you as an artiste, it’s sure publicity,” Cahban said.

The producer also noted that his decision to be honest with the public was coming from a good place. He also advised up-and-coming talents to “Brand yourself, be easily identified in a crowd of voices and looks. There are three phases that you must do well to have good standing careers – produce great songs, register them properly, and market it for as long as possible. Don’t waste your production, market it for months to different people and places even if radio don’t play it,” he added.

Alkaline Lockup Details Reveal, Lawyer Speaks Out

Alkaline management has yet to release a statement on the topic.

Alkaline, who is known for songs like “Fleek,” “ATM,” and “Move Mountains,” recently at this year’s Youth View Awards won two trophies for Young Hot and Hype (Male) and shared honours with Jay Will Films in the Favourite Local Music Video category with City.

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