Alkaline Reportedly Sued Over $20.5M House He Bought His Mother

Alkaline is allegedly being sued for embezzlement after reports surfaced that he had purchased a house ($20.5 Million JMD) for his mother. Details inside!

Alkaline Reportedly Sued Over $20.5M House Allegedly Bought His Mother

In November, it was alleged that Dancehall artiste , whose real name is Earlon Bartley, had recently purchased a house valued at $20.5 Million for his mother, Sharmaine Bartley.

The reports came after a photo of house went viral. Numerous Dancehall fans speculated that the image was somewhat photo-shopped and the artiste did not purchase a house.

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However, fellow Jamaican deejay took to Instagram to congratulate the 22-year-old artiste for his accomplishment.

In a Instagram post, Konshens said that even if fans didn’t like the “All About The Money” deejay, it was undeniable that he was a good hustler and putting his money to good use.

“Some money come in a big contract like sports contracts or record deal… Some come when u rob ppl things or beg ppl… And some…. U affi jus work f**in hard and smart an save!!! All if yuh no 2 like him mi nuh like ppl neither… But di f**a a hussle a lie?? Lolol. #respekdihussle” Konshens captioned the photo.

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In a recent Facebook post, a user by the name of Fay Greene claims she’s the owner of the house and she is threatening legal action against the “Champion Boy” deejay.

“Alkaline is a teifing piece of shit… dog shit. He is on Jamaica World Star in my living room saying he bought my house for his madda. All you Alkaline supporters need to tell him to remove it… You all going help him pay for the lawsuit… that I go take to his show off with people things, teifing ass.”

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