Alkaline gets a new ink of himself and his mother on his back. See the photos!

has a new of a photo with himself and his mother Charmaine Bartley.

The artist jetted to Coral Springs in Florida to link up with tattoo artist Alexander Campbell for his new ink.

Alkaline Acquires New Tattoo Of Himself & His Mother

The tattooist took to social media on Thursday to express his gratitude for the opportunity to work with Alkaline, while sharing snaps of the tattoo.

“Todays masterpiece #alkaline @manhimselff came out dope,” he said.

“Had the opportunity to tattoo reggae artist #alkaline @manhimselff Thank you for entrusting me to do this piece, can’t wait to do more work with you brotha, it was a pleasure,” he added.

Alkaline Gets New Tattoo Of Himself & His Mother

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