Alkaline tells his fans why he hasn’t been releasing music more frequently.

has been noticeably silent on the scene since the start of the year and he is finally explaining why.

During a live video on Instagram with DJ Frass and fellow MVP members, and Jahmiel last week, the Dancehall artist revealed that he would love to release more tracks and previews from his upcoming album with his fans.

However he is tired of competitors stealing his style, according to the 24-year-old.

While Alkaline did not calling any names, the “Badness It Name” deejay told his fans that his silence is due to the “song thieves” in the industry.

Alkaline is currently dominating the airwaves with his latest single “Pick Unu Side.”

The Dancehall banger produced by Chimney Records is currently the number one trending track on YouTube after racking up almost 1 million streams in less than a week.

He previously teamed up with DJ Frass Records for “Perfect.”

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