Ariana Grande’s mini dress at Aretha Franklin funeral was "disrespectful," say critics.

arrived at ‘s celebration of life service on Friday morning, set to perform in honor of the “Queen of Soul.”

Although people have already expressed mixed feelings about the decision to invite the young pop diva to participate in the event, Franklin fans were perplexed about Grande’s choice of funeral attire.

The four-time Grammy Award-nominated artist doned an itsy bitsy black dress and wearing her signature flowing ponytail.

Ariana Grande's 'miniest mini dress' raises eyebrows at Aretha Franklin's funeral

Twitter users took aim at the “God is a Woman” star over her barely-there black dress and high heels with many saying they were not fit for the occasion.

“#ArianaGrande don’t know the below the knee rule for the pulpit in the black church. Somebody hand her a lap hanky and a choir robe. Bless her heart,” a user wrote..

“Arianagrande that dress in front of all the seniors though.. My grandma would have whooped my ass while the congregation watches,” another wrote.

“Ariana Grande’s dress totally inappropriate and bending over…” one added while another joked that Clinton was “just about to have a heart attack when he saw that tiny dress.”

Grande also performed the Queen of Soul’s 1968 classic on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” the day of her death on Aug. 16.

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