Barrington Levy advises Alkaline to stop using auto-tune and be original with own sound.

recently discussed his latest projects, ventures and current sounds on Entertainment Report.

The Dancehall veteran also says he likes ’s energy although he is unable to hear what the “Badness It Name” deejay is saying in his songs.

Levy advises the “Fleek” deejay to be original with own sound and stop using auto-tune.

“I like his vibes but the auto-tune thing its not really letting me hear what he’s really saying,” Levy said.

“Alkaline i’m not putting down your thing but if you can take down a little off the auto-tune it would be a good look,” he added.

Barrington Levy also advises other Dancehall artists to stop trying to sound like Hip Hop artists.

“Now I get to find out that majority of the artists, some of the artists want to sound like the American artists, but no create your sound and pick your sound,” he told Miller.

Peep the interview with Barrington Levy on Entertainment Report.

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