Beenie Man is once again under scrutiny for alleged involvement in the murder of dance legend Bogle.

is once again under scrutiny following new allegations that he involved in the murder of iconic dancer , also known as Mr Wacky.

The Dancehall veteran is facing new accusation after claims by veteran dancer , who alleged the “Who Am I” Beenie paid a hitman to kill the legendary dancer, 13 years ago.

According to Labba Labba, Beenie Man paid a man called Chris Royal a sum of $100,000 JMD to kill the iconic dancer.

During a impromptu interview, he claimed the hit was placed on Bogle’s head after the dancer disrespected Beenie Man and fellow Dancer John Hype, who was then under the wings of the entertainer, at an event in Kingston.

During the mid-2000’s the iconic dancer was involved in a bitter feud with the Jamaican musician and his protege John Hype. The famed dancehall even dropped an alleged diss track titled “All Dem Deh.”

Bogle, whose real name is Gerald Levy, was shot and killed by gunmen on motorcycles on January 20, 2005, at a stop light in Kingston.

Beenie Man has vehemently denied any role in the killing of the dancer and reportedly left Jamaica for a period until the situation died down.

The “King of the Dancehall” deejay even reportedly went as far as offering a $1 million cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

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