Beenie Man reveals that he cried when he learned of Krystal's pregnancy. Details inside!

cried tears of joy when he learned that he was about to become a father again, The veteran revealed.

The “Nuff Gal” deejay and his media personality girlfriend, , revealed on the weekend that they are expecting their first child together.

“[I’m] excited! Still excited. A few days after she showed me the ultrasound, I cried and said ‘Thank you’. Thank you for this blessing, Babe.’ These days when I say ‘Good morning’ and Krystal reply I have to remind her that is the baby I’m talking to because they need to know my voice. Honestly, it has been five months and I still don’t finish reacting yet,” Beenie Man said.

Beenie Man And Krystal Tomlinson Expecting Baby [Exclusive Details]

Beenie Man Cried Over Krystal's Pregnancy

The couple has been tight-lipped about the pregnancy, despite months of speculation.

Nevertheless, Tomlinson shared the news of her pregnancy with media reporters.

“I am surrounded by love and support from my family and friends who have been so involved and protective. But even my state of emotional readiness amazes me. I am not panicking or feeling anxious about it. I just want to stay in the moment and savour this journey,” Tomlinson said.

The overly excited 28-year-old soon to be a mother, switched up her workout lifestyle and adjusted her diet, adding greener foods and more water and fiber, and has developed what she calls a super power not to “eat everything in sight”.

While Tomlinson is hoping for a boy, Beenie Man, who has fathered several children, including one with his ex wife, dancehall artiste D’Angel, is predicting a girl.

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