Beenie Man girl Krystal Tomlinson says her pregnancy is not the right timing politically, but she is at a state of readiness to bear the risk of parenthood.

has expressed that her her pregnancy is not the right timing politically.

However, ’s 28-year-old girlfriend said she is at a state of readiness to bear the risk of parenthood.

Beenie Man's Pregnant Girlfriend Shows Off Baby Bump

Krystal Tomlinson revealed that the feedback has been a mixture of criticism and congratulations since she announced her pregnancy in June.

The communications consultant, who is the People’s National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO) president, has now revealed that one of her main goals at this point is balancing her political life with motherhood.

“Anybody who has a political career would agree that it is not the right timing; being two years out from an election nobody wants to be doing canvassing work when pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking care of a toddler. But personally, what I’ve always insisted in family planning is that I would not have a child unless I’m financially stable to support the child regardless of who that partner is. Anything can happen and if you can’t stand alone as a parent psychologically, emotionally, financially, it might not be the best move regardless of support you may have from friends and family,” she told media reporters during an interview.

Tomlinson had one question for the naysayers who criticize her for getting pregnant for Beenie Man.

“Which of his children should not have been born to make it appropriate that I have a child with Moses” she asked critics who claimed that she has joined the line of ‘baby mothers’ for a entertainer.

“I want them to answer which child should not have been born and we can get to a serious discussion. What they’re saying is that too many children are on this earth with him as their father and that is a very unfair characterisation of his role as a father to his children. None of his children suffer any form of discrimination, have been prejudiced in any way because he is not in a relationship with their mothers, and it’s very unfair to speak of people’s children as if one or more don’t have a right to be here and I think that’s my biggest concern,” she continued.

The media personality also disclosed that the title “babymother” is not a bother for her.

“The babymother angle is not a bother to me; it’s when his children see those types of articles, when they take up the newspapers or go online and see these types of conversations, what are we saying about their right to exist as human beings? They’re all old enough to read that. For those who ask that, I must ask you back, which of his children should not have been born for me to feel comfortable having a child with him? Every single one of them has a right to be here and every single one is excited to meet their sibling,” she explained.

Tomlinson also shared that a lot of the success she now enjoys is because of how she used failures as steps for massive success.

“Embrace the potholes and rainy days, knowing the sunshine is going to come,” she said.

Sources close to the Dancehall veteran told Hype Life Magazine that Krystal found out she was pregnant in late April.

Her pregnancy has been going smoothly but it has been an adjustment for the usually active Tomlinson, according to the sources close to Beenie Man’s girlfriend.

“She is in perfect health. The big difference is really how her body is changing and the inability to fit into her old clothes – and the random bouts of fatigue! She’ll be in the middle of a meeting, well rested from the night before and suddenly feel an intense wave of drowsiness,” the source added.

No newcomer to fatherhood, Beenie Man, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, is unable to contain his excitement.

While Tomlinson is hoping for a boy, Davis is predicting a girl.

In 2006, Beenie Man married Michelle “D’Angel” Downer, who was previously known as long-time girlfriend to fellow entertainer Bounty Killer. The pair, who shares a son together, Marco Dean Davis, separated in 2007 after Beenie accused D’Angel of infidelity. He reportedly filed for divorce in 2011.

The self-proclaimed “King of the Dancehall” also has other children from previous relationships including Carlene Smith, Jamaica’s first Dancehall Queen.

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