St Bess A Di Bess 2016 charity show promises performances from a full plate of artists including Beenie Man, Junior Reid and Bounty Killer.

joined up with the promoters of St Bess A Di Bess to hold its second staging on November 25.

St Bess A Di Bess is a charity show held in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

This year’s staging was in aid of Russell All Age School, one of twins’ alma maters, and Brompton Primary.

Charity work is no new venture for them as ‘Curly Lox’ was recently on a school tour giving motivational talks to students while promoting his book ‘The Road to Zion’.

The show’s promotional material promised performances from a full plate of artists including big names like , and .

had the crowd engaged as he told them he should “be di richest artist a walk inna Jamaica” but wasn’t because of mistakes he had made, and asked the crowd to learn from them.

He later on asked the audience if he should perform at Sting, telling them the promoters said “any amount a money mi want dem willing fi pay” but was leaving the decision up to his fans.

At one point in his performance he got to what he called the “war part” where one may assume he was throwing words at Merciless.

The two are booked to clash on December 24 at House of , located at 6 Cargill Avenue, with the infamous Reneto Adams as referee. He previously called out Merciless on a video posted on social media.

The biggest crowd reaction however came when Beenie Man took to the mike with “until the day I die more gal I waan” as he started his hit single “Girl’s Prayer”.

The DJ, dressed to the nines in all white, hat included, was however silenced soon after as there were some technical difficulties that remained unresolved for the rest of the show.

The crowd favourite, however, managed to keep the crowd entertained for a time with his dance moves. He will perform live again on January 3 at the same venue as the clash.

During the course of the show the twins gave awards to both Beenie Man and Ninja Man for their long-standing contribution to music.

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