Beenie Man says Spice is not the "Queen of Dancehall." Find out why!

Jamaican superstar expressed that fellow entertainer  is not the new “Queen of ,” at least not just yet.

In a recent interview with Winford Williams of Onstage TV, the self-proclaimed “King of the Dancehall,” said that Lady Saw is still the queen.

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According to Beenie Man, despite Spice’s endless effort to take the throne, she has yet to level up to the “Sycamore Tree” deejay.

He said the label still belongs to Lady Saw, whose now uses the moniker Marion Hall, even tho she quitted the genre after converting to Christianity in late 2015.

“Well the queen of Dancehall baptized enuh… Marion Hall [Lady Saw], the queen of dancehall baptized,” Beenie Man said.

“So I am here to see the next queen to come,” he added.

When asked about Spice acquiring the title, the “Who Am I” deejay said the “So Mi Like It” hitmaker has stepped up her work ethic but that’s not how to claim the title.

“Well she is the one that stepped up to the plate but that’s not how you become the queen,” Beenie Man stated.

Beenie Man Saya Lady Saw Is Still The Queen of Dancehall

He lamented that Spice will have to elevate her career to the same heights as Lady Saw in order to earn the reverence of the Dancehall community.

“Because if you’re going to take Lady Saw crown then you have to do what Lady Saw did, like no disrespect. You can’t do less work and [want to be the queen],” he asserted.

Nevertheless, Beenie Man agreed that Spice is currently the “designated queen” or “queen-elect.”

Watch the footage with Beenie Man giving advice on what Spice needs to do to become the next “Queen of Dancehall.”

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