Beyoncé Accused of ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ by Former Drummer & The Internet Went Wild

Beyonce's ex-drummer Kimberly Thompson ‘accuses singer of extreme witchcraft, tapping her phone and murdering her kitten’.

has been accused of “extreme witchcraft,” by her former drummer.

has filed a restraining order against the singer, reportedly accusing her of ‘extreme witchcraft,’ tapping her phone and even murdering her kitten.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the drummer, who worked for the singer for seven years, made the bizarre claims as she demanded a restraining order.

Thompson claims Beyonce started a campaign of harassment against her, using “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation,” according to the lawsuit.

She also claimed the “Formation” hit-maker had “tapped her phones and controlled her finances,” according to the report published on Thursday.

Among the allegations, the drummer, who performed with Beyoncé as part of an all-female band, even said that the 37-year-old star had killed her pet kitten.

Kimberly Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order was denied by a judge. Instead, the court has scheduled a proper hearing to take place on October 11.

Meanwhile, the Lemonade performer was back in her hometown of Houston, Texas, as she continued her On The Run II Tour with husband Jay-Z.

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