Bobby Brown breaks down as a medium makes contact with ex-wife Whitney Houston and late daughter Bobbi Kristina.

was purportedly reconnected with late ex-wife and deceased daughter Bobbi Kristina on Wednesday’s episode of Hollywood Medium. 

The 48-year-old singer appeared on the E! show for a session with celebrity clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry.

Tyler appeared to connect with Whitney, who said that she was with their daughter on her death bed.

He told Brown that his famous ex-wife, who died in February 2012 after accidentally drowning in a hotel bathtub, helped their daughter Bobbi Kristina ‘transition’ when she died aged 22 in July 2015 after being found unresponsive in a bathtub.

“This woman was here and she transitioned another woman who passed away,” Tyler told Bobby.

“She is connecting hands with what looks like a child and she’s coming through and she wants everybody to know that she helped her little girl when her little girl transitioned.”

“That’s my ex-wife and my daughter,” Bobby said.

Tyler then told Bobby that Whitney was holding Bobbi’s hand when she was passing.

“She’s coming through and giving me this feeling of, I was there to hold her hand when she made her transition, when she left. People would’ve felt her mother around when she passed away,” Tyler told Bobby.

Tyler then claimed to connect with Bobbi Kristina, who acknowledged that “she knew how much she was loved” and was “told how much she was loved.”

A tearful Bobby told Tyler that when Whitney died, he was “estranged” from Bobbi Kristina.

“Your daughter comes across, she does not in any way blame you or have any frustration with you or have any negative emotions associated with you in any way,” Tyler told Bobby.

“And so there’s this connection on her end of just acknowledging like, ‘I want you to know that I love you and that I’m not upset.’ She does not blame the old you, and she’s saying the old you, I don’t know why this is coming across, but she loves her mom and she loves her dad so much. And she understands you both were in extraordinarily unique situations, but she comes across basically saying, ‘I understand they did what they had to do to get by from their perspective.'”

Tyler continued, “She acknowledges being a little girl, and she was very smart as a child, but she wanted you to know that she wasn’t as detrimentally affected by these things as people might’ve said that she was. Because when she comes across she’s like, ‘I had an amazing life, I had so many opportunities.”

Earlier on in their conversation, Tyler claimed to relay a message from Houston, stating that she wanted to “talk about her heart.”

“Her heart. No matter how I died, I need them to know the heart… People don’t know the full picture of how to what extent this affected me,” said Tyler.

“Yeah, my ex-wife… Oh boy. She used drugs but the way she passed is not a way that I can accept,’ Brown responded.

Tyler then included the topic of substance abuse in his discussion.

“The way this comes through, and I’m gonna handle this sensitively, the feeling that comes across is that if someone may have used substances to some extent throughout their life, the feeling is that I know that when I utilize these substances that I’m not going over the amount that I would know to normally take,” Tyler explained.

“This doesn’t feel like someone who’s necessarily directly blaming drugs even though there’s obviously contributing factors.”

 Just before the show ended, Bobby said he was content with Tyler’s message.

“I’m comfortable with going on with my life. I needed that,” Brown said as he hugged Tyler.

Eva Longoria and former Jersey Shore star JWowww (Jennifer Farley) also appeared on the show.

The Independent Investigations Group in 2015 awarded Hollywood Medium with its Truly Terrible Television Award. The E! show was recognized for its ‘lack of scientific integrity’ and its ‘extraordinary ongoing deceit of the American public’ by the Hollywood-based organization.

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