Dancehall artiste Popcaan has buried the hatchet and has reconciled with iconic dancehall artiste Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer And Popcaaan Are Now Friends

Despite the fact that he pledged his allegiance to his former mentor , artiste has buried the hatchet and has reconciled with iconic artiste .

Bounty Killer celebrated his 41st birthday last weekend at Sugarman Beach in Portmore, St Catherine. It was during selector Boom Boom’s set that the surprise came.

Selector Boom Boom played a distinct happy birthday message from Popcaan to Bounty Killer at the legendary dancehall star birthday bash last weekend, which took everyone off guard.

It was a heart felt gesture from Popcaan, who once referred to Bounty Killer as gay in the heights of the Gaza-Gully-Alliance feud.

“Yuh done know a Popcaan a represent fi Bounty Killer the legendary. Yuh done know today a yuh special day so mi just waan seh on behalf of me and the Unruly Gang, big up yuh damn self,” said Popcaan said loud cheers, signalling an end to his beef with Bounty Killer.

This was followed by an a capella version of his song, “Party Non Stop.”

Bounty Killer told media reporters that he appreciate the gesture but it took him by surprise.

“I was a bit surprised but it touched everybody. I went to his birthday party at the Quad too so there is a mutual understanding,” Bounty Killer said.

The Warlord went on to say that he is now more focused on music and less on war.

Although speculation has been rampant that Popcaan has joined Bounty Killer’s Alliance Next Generation (ANG) camp, Bounty Killer denied these claims.

With an arsenal of new hits under his belt, including a recent collaboration with , Bounty Killer said that is now focused on positivity in the music.

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