Bounty Killer Dissed Dalton Harris Amid Live Performance

Bounty Killer lashes out at Dalton Harris over controversial photo of singer sitting in UK X Factor contestant's lap during a live performance.

Bounty Killer Disses Dalton Harris During Live Performance

is still “cross, angry and miserable” over ’ controversial photopgraph with fellow contestant Brendan Murray.

Last month, UK X Factor 2018 winner made headlines after an image emerged online with Dalton sitting in Murray’s lap.

Bounty Killer, who was a strong supporter of Dalton Harris throughout the competition, shared his discontent towards the Jamaican singer over the viral photo during a recent performance.

“I represent for you because you are a fellow Jamaica,” the warlord said about Dalton Harris.

“You out inna the world should be representing for us as a fellow Jamaica… Jamaicans don’t hold certain moral and values and attitude! For that, no gratitude! I withdraw my support… Nuh man nuh fi a sidung inna another man lap, doah do dat,” Killer added before deejaying his classic “Nuh Cream To Mi Face.”

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