Bounty Killer Looks To Make Peace With Mavado & Alkaline

Bounty Killer expresses that he wants to make peace with Mavado and Alkaline. The Dancehall star calls on Jamaican artists to unite!

Bounty Killer Looks To Make Peace With Mavado And Alkaline

looks forward to stopping his ongoing feud with and .

The veteran shared a post from fellow artist Vershon who wrote a lengthy motivational message, asking Jamaican musicians to unite this year.

Bounty Killer, who was tagged in the “Real Queffa” deejay’s post, shared the same sentiments in regard to making peace with his rival and former protege, Mavado, along with Alkaline and Jahmiel.

The post commenced by acknowledging and D’Angel who are currently involved in a nasty quarrel relating to their collaborative track, “No Worries.” It also mentioned the recent controversy between Ishawna and Jada Kingdom, who reportedly snubbed Dovey Magnum’s birthday party.

“Mek We See Who Really Love Dancehall Music Now. #2019 let’s make it a year of peace love and unity. So I’m calling out @spiceofficial @dangelmusic @mslegendary @ms.kingdom @doveymagnum I love you all ❤️ but it’s too early for the segregation 😕. January 1 I became 20nuff 🤫 and I realized that I’m not getting any younger if I’m suppose to die this very moment I wanna know I did the right thing! I don’t want to have up any one in my heart regardless of who wanna have me up!” the post read.

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Bounty Killer was sure to retain names of the MVP entertainers in his repost from Vershon, which is a clear indication the he is willing to bring their dispute to an end.

“So I’m gonna start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR TO @mavadogully @thegreatjahmiel @manhimselff @popcaanmusic @aidonia4thgenna@masickamusic @govanagenna and all the others! let’s make this a year of unity success and blessings 🙏🏼,” the post continued.

Vershon’s post highlighted ’s release from prison, Vybz Kartel’s murder appeal and ’s 2018 Grammy nomination.

“#2019 ago be a great year in music mi can feel the energy because look @bujuofficial deh a road and ready fi creat history at the national stadium this march coming 🎹🎸🥁🎺🕺🏾. By now and summer @vybzkartel ago deh a road a free man in Jesus name!!!🙏🏼. Regardless of who have the big song who a run di place none a we nuh bigger than di Marley’s!All a di negativity weh we a gwan wid mi nuh see nuh body a collect nuh award for it 🤔. The only man mi see go di closest to a award a @chronixxmusic and mi nuh see him a war wid nuh body! lets make this year a year of unity!” the post read.

The post also gave props to Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Chronixx, among others for their contribution to Dancehall music.

“@grunggaadzilla @kingbeenieman Supacat, Shabba Ranks, Dennis Brown, Garnet Silk, Ninja Man and all di other veterans work too hard to build this fi wi come mash it up 🤦🏼‍♂. So remember year of unity! 👈🏼And fi all a who still nuh like mi after this memba (MI EARS HAVE AN #On & #Off Switch) and mi a build one fi mi eyes dem right as mi speak!!!!!!! So mi nuh hear unu! and mi definitely nuh see unu!!!! #NuhInaDiFuckryDahYearYah!”

Mavado, Alkaline or Jahmiel has yet to respond to Bounty Killer.

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