Stream a preview of Bounty Killer and Wayne Marshall's new Gospel song "Thank You For The Blessing".

has reportedly turned to Gospel.

The veteran is now promoting a new gospel collaboration with former protege .

Bounty Killer released a snippet of the song titled “Thank You For The Blessing” on Sunday via his Instagram account. The Jamaican artist has been busy reposting it since.

“Dancehall revival without god there ain’t no true survival give thanks for his blessings upon arrival hold a reverence @waynemarsheezy and @grunggaadzilla as God’s killa wash dem in the blood of Christ👏🏾👏🏾,” he captioned one of the posts.

Stream a preview of “Thank You For The Blessing” by Bounty Killer and Wayne Marshall.

“Thank You For The Blessing” follows the success of Wayne Marshall’s hit track “Glory to God,” which racks up 900,000 streams on YouTube since its release in March.

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