Buju Banton Launches Foundation To Help Youths Fight Poverty

Reggae star Buju Banton launches Foundation to help struggling youths fight poverty and resist crime. Details inside!

Buju Banton Launches Foundation To Help At-Risk Youth In Jamaica

has established a foundation which aims to ensure that at-risk youths, from newborn to 20-years old, have equal opportunities to succeed, through skills training and educational opportunities in Jamaica.

The Buju Banton Foundation will implement programmes that provide skills training, talent development, educational empowerment, and other sustainable assistance to youth.

“Born in abject poverty, I know what it is for a child to go without basic necessities. I also know what it is to be a youth with big dreams and lots of determination,” the Grammy-winning artist said via press release.

Buju Banton, whose given name is Mark Myrie, said that many youths are daunted and are unable to achieve their destiny due to lack of a helping hand. The artist said the foundation will assist through provision of food, clothing, healthcare and education.

“Unfortunately, daunted and unable to achieve your destiny, due to lack of a helping hand. It is not an easy road, my children. However, Jah has blessed me. I have made it my mission through the Buju Banton Foundation, to help, by giving light to youth living in the darkness of poverty. Through the provision of food, clothing, healthcare, and education. Thus ensuring they too have equal opportunities to succeed,” he added.

Buju Banton's Long-Awaited Return From Prison

The Buju Banton Foundation is said to be an extension of the “Destiny” singer’s uplifting and charitable heart.

“Focused on implementing programmes that will develop, nurture, advance the best interest of at-risk youth, while teaching them life skills, Buju Banton sees this as the best way to enable them to become successful contributors to society. Selecting an experienced team of professionals who also holds the same vision and passion about the Foundation’s mission, Buju Banton’s board of directors are already hard at work,” the release said.

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