With exclusive details, Buju Banton's publicist reveals that the Reggae star is in "good, high spirits, anticipating his release."

is in “good, creative spirit” as he anticipates his release from prison, according to his publicity, Ronnie Tomlinson.

Ronnie of Destine Media PR revealed interesting insights on how well the artist has been ahead of his release from prison.

“He is good, high spirits, anticipating his release,” Ronnie told Whatz Up NY.

She also disclosed whether or not the artist has recorded new music in prison.

“Unfortunately those luxuries he doesn’t have. But no, he is not. […] He is definitely in that creative spirit as well, but no recordings.,” she stated.

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Buju’s publicist talked on his return to and his upcoming stage appearances.

“His official release date is 12/8/2018 and he is heading home, back to Jamaica,” Ronnie said.

“There is a confirmed show for Trinidad April 22nd, 2019. […] It’s NOT the first show, but it’s definitely a confirmed show. There is actually another show prior to that, that actually gonna be in Bahamas. I think thats in March. There is quite a few… a lot, a lot! And as you can imagine the promoters are reaching out, contacting, wanting to have that opportunity to have Buju in their country. At the moment because of foreign events, we can’t say where is the first show, but we can definitely say – Jamaica, we good. He is coming there!,” she added.

Meanwhile, Buju Banton’s management team has a lot of exciting things in the works, including a series of live performances, the revitalization of Gargamel Music, and an official merchandise line.

A source close to the “Wanna Be Loved” deejay told Hype Life Magazine that artist is “looking forward to returning to his family and re-connecting with his fans as well as getting back into the recording studio.”

“Demand for Buju Banton’s music remains high despite his prolonged absence from the recording studio,” a recent Billboard feature said.

“A$AP Rocky named him “one of my favorite reggae rappers,” while DJ Khaled stated, “I love Buju so much. His music is like praying”

“They still miss him and they still want to hear from him,” said Pat McKay of Sirius XM radio.

“His work still has value, it’s still quotable and the aspirations of that work will always ring true,” she added.

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