Buju Banton Sends Encouraging Message To Montego Bay Artists

Buju Banton sends his love to the new generation of Dancehall artists coming out of Montego Bay.
Buju Banton Sends Message To Montego Bay Artistes Squash & Rygin King

Photo credit: Instagram (@bujubantonlive)

is acknowledging the new generation of artists coming out of Montego Bay including Rygin King, , , among others.

Speaking with the patrons at Weddy Weddy Wednesdays at Stone Love Kingston, , the Grammy Award-winning singer sent his love to the new entertainers.

The Dancehall icon encouraged them to visit Kingston and let their presence felt at local events.

“You see the youth them from Mobay, mi nuh really know them but me love them… cause guess wha? We no kill champion we raise champion. And if unu big up Mobay unu fi big up town…. unu fi come in! You see mi,” he said.

“Weddy Weddy wan see unu and we nuh wan hear say is a Mobay against Kingston thing because that a f**kery, a one Jamaica and a that we a promote,” Buju Banton added before giving the audience a live freestyle over a retro Dancehall beat.

Watch Buju Banton at Weddy Weddy Wednesdays!

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