Bushman Shed Tears After His Rebel Salute 2019 Set Cut Short

Bushman was left in tears while passionately expressing his distress after his performance was cut short at Rebel Salute 2019. Watch the interview!

Bushman Cried Tears After His Rebel Salute 2019 Performance Cut Short

sparked controversy on social media on Sunday evening, after an interview which appeared showing the Roots and Culture artist in tears.

The Jamaican entertainer explained how unhappy he was at Rebel Salute when he realized that his anticipated set had been cut.

“Him [Tony Rebel] tell mi seh mi a work 7’o clock, right? Wi deh yah from four, wi learn seh time a run… suh wi nah bother work seven… Bredren, the people dem out deh fi Bushman eno, because they requested Bushman!,” a very emotional Bushman told Onstage TV during a candid interview.

“How could i be waiting for so long and sing one song?,” the musician, whose given name is Dwight Duncan, asked.

The St Thomas-based artiste eventually went on stage close to 10 a.m., and he was only able to do four songs before being asked to make way for Jah Cure and Kenyatta Hill, according to reports.

The “Worries and Problems” singer added that event organiser, Tony Rebel, should consider extending the event to three nights. Bushman explained that the show has been overbooked for the last decade and it’s affecting the time artistes get to perform.

During the interview, he also opened up about his new music and being blackballed by local radio stations.

His manager, Vanessa Barnes-Duncan, expressed that she also was unhappy about the reduced performance time.

“For this show, Bushman went a few extra miles­­ – he rehearsed a lot, he rode his bike twice a day to be at peak fitness, he drank protein shakes and he made sure to get a lot of sleep. He was 100 percent ready, so it was a let-down that the final segment was so chaotic that Bushman was told to sing just one song,” Barnes-Duncan complained to media reporters.

Meanwhile, Tony Rebel indicated that he is not taking likely suggestions that the show should be lengthened to three days. However, he maintained that he would prefer to “perfect the two days” of the festival before adding another. Rebel said he would take the blame when questioned about what led to the show running behind schedule

“On Saturday, we were supposed to start at 7:00 p.m., but we didn’t start until 8:30 p.m., and then there were four artists who didn’t turn up for their allotted slot, and we had to spend time trying to find other persons to fill in – so that also ate away at the time,” he revealed.

He added that when the police approached him about bringing down the curtains on the show, he asked Kenyatta Hill and Bushman to take the stage at the same time.

This year’s Rebel Salute, which was held at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Priory, St Ann on January 18 and 19, had a strong lineup featuring; Michael Rose, The Wailers, The Wailing Soul, Dawn Penn, Wayne Marshall, Marcia Aitken, Anthony Malvo, Wayne Wonder, Cat Coore, Luciano, Perfect, Capleton, Leroy Gibbons, Terri Ganzie, Chezidek, The Mighty Diamonds, , Mr Easy, Jahbouks, Anu Brian Gold, Bushman, Queen Ifrica, Leroy Smart, Chalice, Yellowman, , Horace Andy, Half Pint, Ken Boothe, Mr Vegas, Nesbeth, Turbulence, Louie Culture, Echo Minott, Jesse Royal, Bounty Killer, Patoranking, Bobi Wine and many more.

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