Capleton, who is currently on tour, is set to release his highly-anticipated album in July.

veteran , who is currently on tour, will release his be the twenty-first studio album.

The reggae roots-filled album will be the twenty-first studio album after I-Ternal Fire, released in July 2010.

The “Slew Dem” deejay is working alongside the producer Clive Hunt in the preparation of his forthcoming album.

VP Records will be distributing the new project, which is expected to be released in July this year.

Capleton maintains a consistent tour schedule thanks to his several hit songs back in the years.

“Wi love fi give the album dem space, mek the people dem get fi know the song dem,” he recently told media reporters.

“There is never a race fi put out an album,” he added.

The Jamaica entertainer also told media reporters that he is not seeking for a new hit song, but to expand his catalogue.

“It always important to have a hit song. As an artiste, wi always a voice, but some songs don’t get the rotation,” he said.

“But the important thing is wi have a catalogue, a track record.”

He will also be performing in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 11, in New Orleans on June 19, in Jackson, New Jersey on August 14 and in Coney Island Broadwalk, Brooklyn, NY on September 4.

After a 3 year hiatus, Capleton annual “A St Mary Mi Come From” show returns on August 5 for its 12th Anniversary, as reported by his official website

Born Clifton George Bailey III — in April 3, 1967 — Capleton is also known for his Rastafari movement views expressed in his songs. At the age of 18, he left his hometown St. Mary for Kingston to work in his career as a deejay.

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