Cardi B and Offset Gets Intimate To Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson’s ‘Coming Over Tonight’ Reggae Song

Cardi B gets intimate with Offset as the couple jams to Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson's Reggae hit, "Coming Over Tonight."

Cardi B and Offset Vibe To Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson 'Coming Over' Reggae Song

and were turning up in their bathroom on Sunday evening while listening to and ’s hit collab, “Coming Over Tonight.”

Taking to Instagram Stories, the American rapper shared footage of herself and her husband getting intimate to the Reggae track.

Cardi B can be seen singing the song word-for-word while standing in front of the mirror, while a few seconds later Offset steps in and starts kissing her neck.

Cardi B is no stranger to Jamaica and its beautiful culture and every now and then she gives her fan a peek into her playlist, which usually includes Dancehall tracks from Vybz Kartel, Alkaline or .

The video has been making the rounds on social media and was even re-posted by Chuck Fenda himself.

“Coming Over Tonight” topped all major charts for weeks following its release in 2007. The smash hit was produced on the Ghetto Blues Riddim by Christopher Birch, and was later added to Fenda’s ‘Living Fire’ Album in the same year.

Chuck Fenda described the whole experience as a “great feeling.”

“People from all over the world was just sending me the video saying: ‘Cardi B singing yuh song, she love it’ and it was just a great feeling inside. I sang this song from my heart with Cherine Anderson, and it’s just an overwhelming feeling inside to know that the work is being recognised internationally,” he told media reporters.

“It’s not the first time international artistes have posted reggae songs but for me I appreciate that Cardi B chose my song to share with her over 42 Million fans. Thanks to Birch and Cherine and the fans who helped make the song what it is today,’ Fenda added.

Chuck Fenda, who is currently in Haiti where he is headlining two major events, is set to visit the US this weekend for performances, before returning to Jamaica to continue promoting his new single “Gideon Hot,” produced by DJ Fire Wayne.

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