Cardi B Reveals Her Favorite Song By Spice

Hip Hop rapper Cardi B shares her all-time favorite song by Dancehall artist Spice. See details inside!

Cardi B Shares Her Favourite Song From Spice

is certainly a big fan of !

The American rapper disclosed that she has been listening to songs by the artist for years when they first met at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards in Fillmore, Miami Beach.

At the time, Cardi B also said that Spice inspires her with her music.

Now, the “Money” rapper has revealed what’s her favorite song by Spice. Earlier this week, Spice shared two throwback videos while participating in the viral 10-year challenge and Cardi B slid in the comment sections to share that “Fight Over Man” is her all time favorite song by the Jamaican deejay.

“I know fight over man by heart,” Cardi B commented.

Cardi B Shares Her Favorite Song By Spice

“I believe you 😍 that’s facts I never forget when i met you and you sang “rude boy love” i didn’t even remember that song ,” Spice later responded.

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