Baby daddy Chino hits back at Yendi Phillipps with allegations that he had been prevented from seeing his child for several months.

Chino Says "I Wasn't Allowed to See My Child"

‘I wasn’t allowed to see my child’, says Chino after Yendi’s court action

Dancehall artiste, Chino, has reacted with shock following the decision of former Miss Jamaica Universe, Yendi Phillipps, to file for full custody of their child.

Chino, whose real name is Daniel McGregor, hit back with allegations that he had been prevented from seeing his child for several months.

“It is unfortunate that when relationships fail the child is often used as a pawn … I won’t bash or give my opinions on the matter, I will only share facts. Firstly, and most importantly, I have not been able to see my daughter for almost five months,” the deejay said.

The deejay further stated; “Calls and texts have gone unanswered; suitcases of toys and clothing have remained unopened because neither I nor my family have been able to gain access to my daughter. Secondly, my attorneys have tried on numerous occasions to reach an amicable resolution to the matter, particularly my visiting rights, all of which have been declined by her.”

The deejay said that he is baffled, as most people are, about this situation.

“Neither myself, nor my lawyer, nor any member of my team has been provided with the documents people keep talking about. Everyone definitely knows I am an extremely private person so I had hoped that in the interest of the child the matter would have been handled with sensitivity,” he said.

News broke loose that an application was filed in the Supreme Court this week by the law firm Nelson-Brown, Guy and Francis, in which Phillipps is asking the court to grant her custody, care and control of the child. She is also seeking $60,000 per month in maintenance.


Phillipps is further asking the court to order Chino to pay half of the child’s medical and educational expenses.

As part of the custody arrangement, Phillipps is seeking to ask the court to only grant the dancehall entertainer access to the child twice during the week for three hours and once every weekend for seven hours.

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She has been ordered to serve the application on the defendant. No date has been set for the matter to be heard.

The former couple made headlines in 2012 after it was revealed that the 2010 Miss Jamaica Universe winner was pregnant with the artiste’s child.

In 2014, however, several media entities published stories that the relationship was over.

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