Chris Gayle: “Freaky Gal… Come Tek Mi Money”

Chis Gayle is all about the fun and he wants the world to know; freaky girls are his choice of women!

Cricket superstar Chis Gayle is all about the fun and he wants the world to know; freaky girls are his choice of women, or at least, his shirt implies so.

The big-hitting West Indian is one of the richest cricketers in the world, the most decorated Twenty20 player in history and a crowd-pulling, charismatic leader team owners should fawn over.

Chri Gayle Loves Freaky Girls 2015 Instagram

“#DubaiAtlantis Tek who fa money, u mad!” – via Instagram.

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He also has a stripper pole in his house, a “hanky panky bed” complete with mirrored ceiling and a penchant for plastering images of his extravagant lifestyle on the internet for the world to see.

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Gayle’s incredible batting power and athletic ability pack enough punch to send shivers down the spine of any bowling attack and put smiles on the faces of even the most discerning cricket fan.

He is the obvious choice to help bring some respectability to a West Indies team expected to be trounced by Australia in the Boxing Day Test.

However, the master blaster who built a strip club inside his home, loves to smoke, drink and live the jetsetting high life has chosen to play Big Bash cricket in Melbourne instead of lining up for his country.

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It is a decision that has divided the sporting world and sparked debate about whether Gayle is exercising his right to live the good life or squandering his enormous potential.

Gayle’s Instagram account reads like a manual for a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Draped in gold chains and designer clothes, he poses for hundreds of pictures with beautiful women, by plush hotel pools, partying with celebrity pals, alongside jet skis, fast cars, motorbikes and even gun-toting girls. Occasionally, there is a cricket picture.

The hard partying playboy of international cricket might even give Shane Warne a run for his money in the pleasure-seeking stakes.

Chri Gayle Loves Freaky Girls 2015

Gayle, 36, was ranked the ninth wealthiest cricketer in the world by Forbes earlier this year with a $2 million salary, net worth of $30 million and sponsorship deals with PepsiCo and Royal Challenge.

His global jaunts to play Twenty20 alone have been estimated at more than $7 million and his arrival at the Melbourne Renegades during the week sparked global interest.

Far from the shy or retiring type, Gayle happily shares his man about town tales with his 2.7 million Twitter and 415,000 Instagram followers.

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