In the wake of his tumultuous tenure with the Melbourne Renegades, during which the Jamaican was fined $10,000 for making "inappropriate remarks" during a live television interview, Chris Gayle took to Instagram to settle a few scores.

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Controversial cricketer Chris Gayle has hit back at his critics in an Instagram post, after his Melbourne Renegades side failed to make the Big Bash League semifinals.

In the post, he sarcastically thanked the media and the haters for what he called an “out of proportion” reaction to his off-field actions.

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Chris Gayle has launched a stinging attack on critics in a long-winded rant on Instagram in which he takes aim at “past and present” cricketers he claims failed to support him in the aftermath of his infamous post-innings interview.

The Melbourne Renegades star was condemned for making inappropriate and sexist comments and was fined $10,000 for “disrespectful” behaviour.

After signing off his Big Bash League season at the Etihad Stadium with a record-breaking half-century from 12 deliveries, the #UniversalBoss posted a rambling message to his Instagram account, thanking supporters and taking a swipe at those who “don’t have the balls to stand firm”.

“Ppl think I may have played my last innings in Aus but my memory with the fans will live on forever!! The real ppl who stand by Gayle worldwide through the so call BS against me in the media, thank you! To the media, thank you all so! The haters, I thank you even more,” he wrote.

“I think a lot of past and present cricketers who smile in front my face could’ve have there say In the public when my so call issue was going on, but y’all don’t have the BALLs to stand firm when it matters – but yet when u see me you’re like, Chris that’s BS against you, it was blown out of proportion 😏 smh…don’t tell me, tell the media and public,” Chris Gayle ranted.

He continued… “The past cricketer who say I make myself look like a chop, the other who claim I was no good to the youngsters while playing for the thunder, the next one who said he expect that sort of behavior from Chris – Y’all can kiss my ‘Black Rass.”

“I love Australia and I will be back again,” he concluded.

The “chop” reference was to a tweet by former English allrounder Andrew Flintoff, who commentates on the BBL.

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Gayle found himself in hot water after he tried to flirt with Channel Ten’s Mel McLaughlin in an interview following his dismissal during the Renegades game against the Hobart Hurricanes on January 4.

He asked an uncomfortable McLaughlin if she wanted to come out for a drink with him, before quickly adding “don’t blush, baby,” to which she replied that she wasn’t.

The rant was posted alongside a photo of himself, which he describes in his usual self-aggrandising style: “My idol & the person who I look up to and also want to be like when growing up as a kid is in the picture.”

He then went on to thank “the entire Australia” for their love and support, while acknowledging that he has probably played his last innings in the country, but promising to return.

On Monday night, Gayle signed off in the BBL by scoring the equal-fastest half century in Twenty20 history, from just 12 balls.

He was dismissed five balls later, for 56, as the Renegades failed to get the win they needed to have a chance of making the semifinals.

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