Christina Milian gets a sensitive part of her body pierced on the season premiere of E! reality show 'Christina Milian Turned Up.'

Christina Milian talks about getting her Nipps Pierced

The ‘ Turned Up’ star let fans up close and personal during the premiere episode Sunday.

Christina Milian built up the courage to get a very sensitive part of her body pierced on the season premiere of her E! reality show “Christina Milian Turned Up.”

Hype Life Magazine understands that Milian, 33, made the brave decision after she bought her mother her first tattoo as a birthday gift.

While the starlet let out some very painful screams, overall the entire procedure took less than 30 seconds.

“I want to get something pierced. And when I say something, I mean my nipple,” she said in a clip from the series.

“Getting my nipple pierced was definitely worse than childbirth,” she explained to the cameras.

“It was quicker, though. Childbirth, 19 hours. Piercing, two seconds.”

Christina Milian gets a Sensitive part of her Body Pierced

Milian is mom to daughter Violet with ex-husband The-Dream and her E! show is about her reviving her career after a long hiatus.

“When I took time off to raise Violet, it brought me career to a screeching halt. I’m excited to get back out on stage and for the world to hear the songs I’m writing right now. This is my last chance. I know what I want. Nothing’s going to stop me now,” she said of the series.

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