Reggae star Chronixx was reportedly attacked at a Reggae concert in Paris, lastweek Sunday the 6th.

Reggae Star Chronixx Allegedly Attacked In Paris

(UPDATED: April 16) star was allegedly attacked at a concert in , lastweek Sunday the 6th, according to a fake report by Platinum Camp.

In an email sent to Hype Life Magazine, Chronixx was attacked after he finished his performance:

“At the La Cigale venue, the performers (Barrington Levy, Chronixx, Kelissa, Dre Island and French Roses Band) and their immediate parties were all asked to wear identifying armbands in order to have access to the stage and back stage areas.”

“However, according to an eyewitness, “Chronixx and his party refuse to wear the armbands and proceeded to rough up the security guards.”


“After his performance was over and without knowlegde to him, a group of guards with high powered weapons and baseball bats were waiting in the wings for them.”

“It was reported that the beating that Chronixx and his posse suffered was ‘horrendous’, they ran for their lives and sought refuge in a chateau.”

“The occupants of the chateau hid them and had to call for the French Authorities in order to save them.”

We were contact by fans of Chronixx, who informed us that this was indeed a rumor. Later on, we have learned that the email sent to us from Platinum Camp was actually nothing but slander.

Today, we received an official press from Chronixx about the hoax about his alleged attack: 

This is an official statement from Chronixx Music Group, the managers and booking agents for Chronixx.

Members of the Chronixx Music Group management team are currently on tour with Chronixx for the Dread & Terrible European Tour which features Chronixx, Kellissa, and Dre Island. We have been present at all concert performances presented so far, as we are responsible for the supervision of all aspects of the artists’ production, presentation and security on tour. Our responsibilities including interface with show promoters and personnel hired by them.

It has come to our attention that a false report is being circulated by Platinum Camp by way of an email under the name of the Platinum Camp CEO. This false report includes a story alleging that Chronixx and members of his team were beaten by security personnel after their performance at La Cigale in Paris on April 6, following an alleged earlier altercation between the team members and the security providers for the show.

We would like to take this opportunity to categorically state that there was no altercation whatsoever between members of the Chronixx team and security providers at the show. There was also no incident involving Chronixx or any member of his team where anyone was beaten, nor was there any incident involving security personnel with high powered weapons and baseball bats as alleged in the report above mentioned. The “Dread & Terrible Tour” has continued with successful performances by Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa in various cities around Europe every night since the April 6th date in Paris. There are now 4 more dates remaining before the tour ends on April 20.

We consider the false report issued by Platinum to be not only unprofessional and irresponsible, but also very damaging to the credibility and good name of Chronixx and members of the Chronixx Music Group team. We have therefore consulted our attorney and will be seeking to have all necessary action taken to have this false report corrected, and any damage done repaired.

There you have it, Reggae star Chronixx is alive and well.

Watch his performance below at the Reggae stage show below!

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