Chonixx lashes out at lash out against "politicians" and "imperial forces" for failing to protect the lower class citizens of Jamaica.

has blasted the government for failing to protecting the underprivileged youths from garrison areas in Jamaica.

The Reggae star took to social media on Tuesday (Jan 23) to lash out against “politicians” and “imperial forces,” whom he claims only have a selfish agenda to only preserve themselves and not the lower class citizens.

“Politicians and the imperial forces serve a system that will protect itself and its prime enforcers by any means necessary,” expressed Instagram.

“Who will protect the ghetto youths? he asked his 498K followers.

The 25-year-old singer, real name Jamar McNaughton, continued his message by making reference to the Tivoli Incursion back in 2010.

“The youths who were 10 years old during the Tivoli gardens incursion witnessed the failure of a system that their families defended for generations. They are now 18 years old today and still are yet to see anyone held responsible for the destruction of everything that was beautiful about their reality. This current system always find a way to use the brilliant minds of the ghetto youths to execute their secret agendas and then execute them,” he indicated.

The “Here Comes Trouble” singer also gave advice to young people in Jamaica.

“Message to every ghetto youth…be wise. Be strong. And remember that this mission is not about rising to the top… it is an inward journey to the place of simple unity. A journey to the middle. Journey to Rastafari,” he suggested.

Chronixx and his music has been branded as a “Reggae Revival”, alongside other reggae musicians including Dre Island, Jah Bouks, , , Kelissa, Jesse Royal, Keznamdi and Kabaka Pyramid, his lyrical content revolves around themes of anti-war, romantic declarations and resiliency.

His 2017 debut album, Chronology, received a Grammy Award nomination, and in the same year he received a Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Excellence.

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