Chronixx was allegedly invited for a meeting with the US Embassy in Jamaica after his 'waste man' comment that was supposedly aimed at the United States President Barack Obama.

US Embassy in allegedly requested a meeting with

Over the past few days, sensation Chronixx  (whose real name is Jamar Rolando McNaughton Jr) has been under heavy fire from social media, news groups, and even government officials for his ‘waste man’ comment that was supposedly aimed at United States President .

According to celebrity blog,, Chronixx was invited for a meeting with the US Embassy.

The site stated that the reason for the meeting was not revealed by members of Chronixx’s camp but it was thought that with recent light of his controversy, the meeting would end with them revoking his US visa.

However, this new allegation that ‘Chronixx was called in by the US Embassy in Jamaica’ has not been confirmed and the report turns out to be fake.

There has been no formal release about a meeting incident neither from Chronixx’s camp nor from a credible source.

Efforts to get in touch with a member of the entertainer’s team proved futile.

Many persons are outraged about the rumor and saying it could further tarnish Chronixx’s image.

There has also been an allegation that his father was boxed over for the same ‘waste man’ remark.

has joined the chorus of voices condemning Chronixx while has told him to ‘cool it’.

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