Dancehall Artist Humble Kid Shot In Drive-By Shooting

An Up-and-coming Dancehall artist narrowly escaped death after he was shot in a drive-by shooting in Clarendon.

Dancehall Artist Humble Kid Shot In Drive-By Shooting

was recently injured during in a drive-by shooting in Portland Cottage, Clarendon on February 28.

The newcomer narrowly escaped death and is currently nursing gunshot wounds after he was shot.

The 2018 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contestant, whose real name is real name Nicholas Shepherd, was reportedly standing outside of a shop in the community when a vehicle drove up and one of the occupants began to fire shots in his direction before making off. Shortly after, the singjay was found suffering from injuries to his chest, arm, and right leg.

Dancehall Artist Humble Kid Shot In Drive-By Shooting

According to sources close to the up-and-coming deejay, Humble Kid’s condition is still serious but he is extremely grateful to be alive.

“Life a the greatest, so right now the artiste just want to recover and do music. Him nuh have any known enemy, so mi don’t know why anyone would want to hurt him. Him in a rough spot health-wise but him have faith, so everything a go be alright,” the relative said.

“Humble Kid is a bredda who is always about unity so it mash me up to see say him could a lose him life and don’t know why. Right now, the man on oxygen and can hardly talk but God above all things we say. This incident will become a part of his success story,” the sourced continued.

Humble Kid, who is a native of Clarendon, is currently signed to House of Payne Records.

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