Aspiring Jamaican artist Mace almost went blind after tattooing his own eyeballs. Tattoos are an integral part of Dancehall Culture.

Dancehall artist Mace shows off Eye Ball Tattoo copy

Aspiring Jamaican artist almost went blind after tattooing his own eyeballs.

Mace, whose real name is Derick Walters, underwent the dangerous body-modification early last year, possibly in the hopes that it would make him stand out in the dancehall scene.

Perhaps in an attempt to create the same shock value as , Mace put his eyes under the needle but came very close to loosing his sight.

Mace, who copied Alkaline, definitely tattooed his eyeball, as he was rushed to hospital after the needle pierced below the layer of his eyes.

Several people have claimed his dark eyes are actually achieved with large black contact lenses, however several photos emerged of Mace lying in a bed with bandages over his eyes and generally looking fairly poor.

Mace Almost Went Blind After Eye Ball Tattoo

Hype Life Magazine has learned that Mace is doing fine and is recovering from the botch procedure.

Mace, 20, appears to have recovered from the risky procedure however and is still making music.

A tattoo artist from the Happy Sailor tattoo in Hackney told Vice News that the process of tattooing a person’s eye is ‘not really tattooing, it’s injecting’.

Mentioning that eye should be administered by doctors, the tattoo artist said the practice involves ‘dropping paint on the floor and watching it spread’, and commented that it is not as precise as tattooing the skin.

Tattoos are an integral part of dancehall culture, just look at , who is covered head-to-toe in them like a walking painting.

Tattoos are used to distinguish specific groups and crews within Dancehall.

Alkaline Queng Pose at Hotel in Canada on tour

Young Dancehall entertainers Alkaline and Mace have gone one step further.

“Partly due to [getting the attention], but also because [I’m] calm and contented this way. Any entertainer, or artist of any calibre, wants to maintain the spotlight and the public attention,” says Alkaline to media reporters.

More Mace, , photos this week!

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