Dancehall fans blast Spice after she snubbed her ex-fiancé and the father of her two children on Father's Day.

Social media users blasted after she snubbed her ex-fiancé and the father of her two children, , for Father’s Day.

The artist took to social media on Sunday (June 18) to give props to mothers and fathers who she honors while disregarding her own kid’s father.

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“Happy Father’s Day to me and to all the other super moms out there who’s playing double role with no regrets today I salute you,” Spice wrote on Instagram.

“SLIDE AND SEE SOME AMAZING FATHERS who I adore over the years my father is #1 in the slide who of course is the best father in the world the great polofin may his soul RIP ,” she continued.

“DU MI A BEG UNU A JUST 10 people can fit Inna the slide show happy Father’s Day #HappySunday #HappyFathersday,” she added.

Spice and her kids Nicholas and Nicholatoy 2017

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Sans acknowledging Lall, the “Needle Eye” deejay shared a set of photos of fathers with their kids including a photo of herself and her children.

Many fans sent congratulatory comments to Spice while others were not having it and decided to voice their unfiltered views.

“Was hoping to see the father of your children Nicolas being applauded today!!!,” one user wrote, to which Spice replied, “Applauded for what ? If he’s done a great role in “YOUR” kids life then you go ahead and applaud him.”

“We don’t have to live at your house but u and Nicolas just separated less that 2 years and before that he’s always present in those kids life, but to each his own big up.” another wrote to which he “Sheet” deejay responded, “mi still a ask if u did deh a mi yard and see Weh him a do or the role Weh him a play how some a unu so NUFFF MAN KMT”

“Yuh smart fi block mi juss stop gwan like u wah disrespect the general & make the pickney dem talk to them father cause wi all know how dem love dem daddy. Especially your son. So gwan tru goodie, you ting up but stop hype. Just dont diss the real big man to the kids and who took care of thek while you were busy trying to be on top. Now that you are RESPECT HIM. You and i both know. You fans dem dont have a clue in that result dem tek side not knowing the facts, i do so hear what, juss continue tour, mek the money & shop a gucci. The streets know wha really gwan. PS: she wouldnt block mi if it wasnt FACTS im spilling. ,” another user wrote before adding, “Continue until u secret dem start dash out one by one. Stop Diss Nicholas the man a good daddy to him kids dem. You too bloodclat wicked. U dangerous mi fraid a yuh.”

Efforts to get a comment from Spice was fruitless.

Spice and ex-man Nicholas Lall 2017

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In 2014, the “So Mi Like It” deejay reportedly dumped Nicholas via a social media post after he allegedly searched her phone and found several raunchy photos from a music video.

The pictures, which showed Spice and another man hugging intimately, were posted on Instagram by Lall.

The incident caused an uproar on the social media after a seemingly angry Lall took to Facebook share his feelings on the pictures.

“I have taken a lot of s*** where your music is concern but this is Too f***ng far now. I wasn’t even inform about this scene and now you claim it’s “So mi like it video”????? KMFT Grace. Like seriously Grace????? Y did I have to find these??? KMFT. You claim it’s from “So mi like it video but dis look bloodc***t serious #kmft,” his caption read.

Spice then retaliated by reposting the same pictures on her Facebook and Instagram accounts while lashing out lashed out against Lall.

“NicholasLall Since as the pics bun you so much that you Decide to post on your IG and FB pages Let me Help you KMFT,” she wrote.

“NicholasLall how dare you take pics from my phone and post them up knowing there pics from my” So mi like it” Video????” she said. “Like seriously then you say you are a MAN? What’s in these pics to be so mad about? The worst thing about it is that we live together, so if you don’t like sum ting you Talk to me and don’t broadcast mi bloodc***t business. Hope you know now that #ITSOVER”, she added.

In an 2014 interview with the Jamaica Star, Spice confirmed that she and Lall, are no longer together.

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