Dancehall star Mavado faces attack to be deported from the United States by a former business partner.

Mavado said to be Deported from the United States

star faces attack to be deported from the United States by a former business partner.

An online petition to the United States president was created recently, requesting that dancehall artiste Mavado be deported from the country because of his past convictions.

Mavado, whose given name is David Brooks, told media reporters that a former business associate is behind the scheme.

The petition, which was created on Sunday, January 11, was posted on a section of the White House’s website called ‘We the People,’ stated that the dancehall entertainer is a non-residing felon living in the USA.

artiste David Brooks is a non-citizen felon residing in the USA. He was convicted in May 2012 in Jamaica for serious assault”

It further stated that it is “grossly unfair that undocumented immigrants with no serious criminal records are deported daily, while a convicted felon, such as Mavado, has carte blanche to live and work here”.

The petition was signed by ‘Concern US citizen’ Trudy A. Brown from Gapland, Maryland, in the United States. It has received a total of ten signatures so far.

Mavado responds to US Deport petition

Mavado said this is not the first time that his reputation and music career have been attacked by this individual.

The singjay said he has contracted the services of an immigration attorney, who is handling the matter.

“Is somebody that used to work with me. Me find out him no real and let him go, so a fi him way dis to get back at me. I don’t know if him create the page or ask someone to do it, but he is the mastermind behind everything,” said Mavado.

“This individual has contacted several media outlets and told them that I had limited amount of days to leave the States, among a bunch of other things; all of which are lies,” he said.

“I have been living here [the United States] for three years. My wife and two of my kids are Americans and I have never committed a crime here. All I am doing is spending time with my family while doing music,” he added.

Mavado, who has reportedly been in the United States for over a year, is signed to American record producer DJ Khaled’s record label, We the Best.

Mavado said he is busy working on his upcoming 16-track album slated to be released in May.

The singjay recently released I Ain’t Going Back Broke, a collaboration with hip-hop label-mate Ace Hood and Future. A mixtape entitled “The Hands of the Gully God” will also be released in two weeks.

In other news, the dancehall artiste filed a lawsuit against Member of Parliament for West Rural St Andrew, Paul Buchanan, after issues developed in a $20 million housing deal between the two parties.

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