Dancehall music was highlighted Fox 5 News on Wednesday (Nov. 11) featuring Jamaican artistes Vybz Kartel, Junior Reid, Popcaan and Alkaline.

Vybz Kartel and Popcaan Featured On Fox 5 Network

New York based TV station, Fox 5 highlighted music on Wednesday (Nov. 11), featuring Jamaican artistes and .

His one time protege Popcaan is also following in his footsteps, but Kartel’s reign on Dancehall from prison was a big part of the segment.

“Still dropping hits and climbing the charts, you can also find him on Junior’s new album,” said Fox5 news reporter.

“Why is he so relevant?” the narrator asked, while showing clips from his hit single “Summer Time.”

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Veteran dancehall DJ Jabba spoke about Vybz Kartel hungry for greatness as the driving force behind the incarcerated superstars massive growth in the music.

“He is always writing and always recording back to back,” said DJ Jabba.

Vybz Kartel is still dominating dancehall airwaves from prison and the best is yet to come according to a representative for the incarcerated deejay.

One of Kartel’s longtime producers told Hype Life Magazine that the deejay has a massive arsenal of unreleased material that will keep him relevant for a longtime to come.

Since his life sentence in 2014, Vybz Kartel has been releasing a consistent supply of unreleased and allegedly-new music from behind prison walls.

Veteran singer and newcomer were also featured on Fox5’s segment.

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