D’Angel’s Best Friend Slammed Markus Myrie Over Dating Rumors

D'Angel's close friend blasts Buju Banton's son Markus Myrie over dating rumors in social media rant.

Markus Myrie Blasted By D’Angel Best Friend Over Dating Rumours

is still being scolded for his comment on dating rumors with D’Angel.

After Jamaican producer’s altercation with father, , allegations surfaced online that his alleged romantic relationship with D’Angel was the reason behind the dust-up.

The Markus Records CEO has since took to Instagram to deny the claims, adding that D’Angel is too old for him.

“D’Angel?! D’Angel?!,” he said, imitating American rapper Soulja Boy.

“Mi tired fi hear seh mi deh wi Angel… Angel stop spread rumor pan mi you hear? Mi nuh really date people suh older than me, mi respect you as an artiste and everything but…,” Markus continued.

While D’Angel hit back at Markus Myrie saying “Misery loves company,” her best friend Latoya blasted him while sharing a picture of “I’m Blessed” singer in Instagram.

D'Angel's Best Friend Blasted Markus Myrie Over Dating Rumours

Photo credit: Instagram (@toya.unforgettable)

“Hold Di F**k Up Every Bodi Think Dem Can Jump Down Pan @dangelmusic Fi Get A Hype You Know Seh Mi Iggy Fi Dis Lil Dutty licey Head Rasta bwoy @1realmarkus Bout Old Foot,” She wrote.

Screenshot - Markus Myrie Blasted By D’Angel Best Friend Over Dating Rumours

“Suck P***y Big Lip Bwoy You Should A Lucky You Name A Call With Angel Cuz Nuh A You Bitch Dem Can’t Look Like Her All When She Old & Gray A Wat Angel Neva Gi You Nuh A Her Panty Dem Fi Smell You Can’t Look Nuh Hype Off A Her Low Life Dogshit Nuh Mek Mi Call Buju Fi Gi You One More Box Down #dangel #teamdangel #dangelmusic

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