D’Angel Compares Herself To Koffee, Demands More Respect

D’Angel has made it clear that she wants the same recognition as Koffee for producing "good quality, clean music."

D'Angel Compares Herself To Koffee, Demands More Respect

D’Angel recently compared herself to and is now getting blasted for it.

The Dancehall artist has been receiving backlash after demanding that fans give her the same recognition as Koffee for putting out good quality music.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, “No Worries” deejay vented her annoyance at fans who don’t give the “Lady of Dancehall” the recognition she deserves for releasing “good clean” music over a decade.

“I just played 15 songs straight, where did you hear any derogatory music. All of those songs are uplifting, teaching, inspiring. They went on to say only Koffee alone as a dancehall artist a sing good clean music. I beg to differ.” D’Angel stated in the clip.

D’Angel expressed she is ranked next to Koffee when it comes to releasing music.

“I beg to differ, I love Koffee, I love Reggae music, I love what she’s doing. I’ve been doing clean music for over a decade now and I’ve been doing inspirations music for over a decade now. Suh wah, unuh fraid fi give me my credit, unuh fraid fi give me my big up, unuh fraid fi give me my ratings. My fans dem worldwide know this, my fans dem worldwide can attest to this, my music can attest to this, but wah unuh fraid fi say oh inna dancehall female artist dem, D’Angel and Koffee does clean music. But no, unuh caan say D’Angel because wah , unuh fi give people dem credit where them deserve. Unuh caan say D’Angel because wah unuh teeth ago drop outta unuh head, unuh tongue ago cut up,” she continued.

During the live video, she blasted industry players for not showing her the respect she deserves, claiming that they unfairly declared Koffee the only female artiste putting out good quality and uplifting music.

D’Angel’s rant has since sparked heavy criticism from many fans on social media, with many claiming that the Jamaican deejay is somehow bitter towards Koffee’s success.

“Somebody needs to log her out of social media. She slowly going crazy and I am tired…..tired of she and this foolishness,” one fan wrote

“And first off KOFFEE NUH INNA MIX UP!!! SO HAR WHOLE LIFEEEE CLEAN!!!!” another added.

““Why this likkle bish nuh guh sidung kmft there’s no comparison between u and koffee badmind angel cause u both sing different type of songs…/ Somebody put some credit on this lady phone. She want some credit…../ A wonder if Obama ever listen to Dangel ? Just asking ./Don’t know what music career she talking about? Lyrics are always poor and voice annoying……go sit down sis…/ Which credit. Flow or Digicel?” another expressed.

However, not all negative were comments.

“There is no woman empowerment whatsoever in these comments. You lot just love to hate DAngel it’s actually scary,” one fan said.

D’Angel has since scolded blogger to stop twisting her stories with negative headlines. 

Koffee has emerged as one of the biggest breakout talents in Jamaica. Her breakout track “Toast,” was recently featured on former US President Barack Obama’s summer 2019 playlist.

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