Soca star Destra Garcia breaks her ankle after falling through a stage in Bermuda.

has suffered a broken ankle after falling through a stage while performing in Bermuda on Wednesday (August 2).

The Trinidadian soca artist was performing at the annual Cup Match Summer Splash Concert when the incident occurred.

Sources close to Garcia said that she fell off the stage and landed between the stage and the sub-woofers, due to bright lights in her face.

The artiste, also known as Lucy, had to be fitted with a neck brace and removed from the stage on a stretcher.

The “Just A little Bit” singer has reportedly been in a lot of pain following the accident.

Peep footage from the concert where Destra Garcia was talking to the crowd when she suddenly fell through the stage and disappeared…

Over the weekend, photos of the artist have appeared in Trinidad media showing her being wheeled through LF Wade International Airport in Bermuda with her right leg in a cast.

Garcia returned to Trinidad on Saturday morning (August 5) and by the evening she had underwent a successful surgery at the St Clair Medical Hospital.

On Sunday, she broke her silence on the unfortunate experience.

“Could have been worse…Im OK Im on the road to recovery you guys! It’s been a crazy 72 hrs. I want to thank everyone who kept me in their prayers, FANS, FRIENDS and COLLEAGUES during this time, all your love and messages of a speedy recovery, kept me strong. Thanks for reminding me how tough I was, when I needed to hear it the most,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I was in so much pain and so afraid, but thanks to God, all the doctors, nurses and medical personnel, that took great care of me, from Bermuda CANADATRINIDAD and throughout all the pain and anguish, I made it through. A great Lesson learnt…..that sometimes your plan may not necessarily be Gods plan. I left Trinidad to complete 8 shows by this coming Saturday. Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, 3 shows in Toronto, Tortolla and Grenada before coming back home. I only completed 1 It’s only up from here thoI’m stronger than a lion, yuh can’t keep a good woman down LOL well…not for long! I will be back on my feet in no time…. Because as you know “one must fall to rise again.” Like a Phoenix out of the ashes, look out !!! ah BADDA when ah come back!!! I LOVE YOU ALL❤️”

On the following day, Destra Garcia shared a video of her peformance including the incident on Instagram with another thankful caption.

“Sometimes you see these things happen to other ppl and never dream it could ever happen to you,” she wrote on the clip.

“Thank God everyday for life, no matter how much it feels like your struggling, someone out there is worst off than you are. Just be grateful for life itself. Weird looking back on that night! Feels like a movie “

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