According to Diplo, Pop music is more popular than Dancehall music in Jamaica.

Diplo says Pop music is bigger than Dancehall in Jamaica

In an recent FADER interview, Pop multi-instrumental producer and DJ, of Major Lazor talks Jamaican music, specificallyDancehall.

According to Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, Pop music is more popular than music in Jamaica.

“Jamaica is such an adept, connected place, like everybody in Jamaica—the poorest people, the richest people—have a Twitter account, have an Instagram, constantly are feeding off internet media. 

Pop radio in Jamaica is so much bigger than dancehall radio, people don’t realize that.

The biggest concerts in Jamaica in history are like, Kenny Rogers and Céline Dion.

Céline Dion shut down Jamaica when she played there. That’s like the real truth of Jamaica, that’s what people fuck with.

Dancehall is always happening but in general they’re big fans of pop songwriting and classic songs.”

Diplo is indeed confident with his statement, giving out theoretical outlines in his conclusion.

We have to agree with Diplo. Despite the strong growing catalogue of Dancehall track hitting airwaves over the last 15 years, Pop music is well favoured on airplays in Jamaica.

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