Dominica denies reports that they have reached an agreement to pay Tommy Lee Sparta's US$3 million.

It is being reported in media news that the Dominican government has agreed to pay US$3 million to for settlement.

However, Dominican officials are denying the reports.

In 2014, Tommy Lee Sparta and his entourage were denied entry to the Caribbean island. They were then detained overnight and then deported.

He was to perform in Dominica, however many organisations had came out against his performing here, citing that he glorified the devil and encouraged violence and lawlessness.

The Dancehall artist subsequently filed a US$3-million lawsuit against the government, stating that his rights were violated under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

Article 45 of the treaty that establishes the Caribbean Community including the CARICOM single market and economy states:

“Member States commit themselves to the goal of free movement of their nationals within the Community”.

However, the government stated he was denied entry out of concern for public safety.

It is reported that the matter was brought before the Caribbean Court of Justice at that the Gaza member was successful with the suit.

Recently it was circulated that a settlement was reached however the Dominican Attorney General Levi Porter denies such reports as he addressed a news conference:

“A report was referred to me this week of some settlement of three million US dollars. I can say that that is inaccurate, incorrect and from where I sit and on the instruction I have from the government at the moment there will be no settlement in the sum of three million US dollars.”

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